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Art Supply Place, some homeschoolers really like them:

Lots of link to quality art supplies



Joseph Wu's Origami Page

This site prompts kids to explore paintings and sculptures from the Museum of Modern Art. A series of questions guides children to write about what they see. Then, kids are encouraged create and submit their own art. Grade Level: Elementary

Art Encyclopedia: A nice site for samples of various artists works and other resources.

Art Mystery: Student has to determine the artist of a mystery painting by exploring the techniques and subjects of different artists such as Van Gogh, Raphael, Picasso.

Inside Art:  Student "goes into" a Van Gogh painting and learns about art with the help of "Trish the Fish". Focuses on Van Gogh's role as the link between the Impressionists and Expressionists painters.

Stanford Art Activities: Other art exploration activities

Homeschool Art:  Here's what Kristina had to say about this site: Cool site! Kids will love it if they are into...Or could be into art  (of all kinds).

Artists' Biographies: This site offers biographies of famous artists. The biographies are not in depth, but do have links to further information.

These sites are from Donna Godfrey with her notes:

The Art of Renaissance Science: Galileo and Perspective

A Trip to France  From the living room ;-)

Art of the World-Visit Hawaii Find out how to create a volcano, a lei, batik and more. . .

Art Teacher on the Net
This is an easy index of project ideas--Just click and you will be on the page of directions for the Project.

Art of the United States
Lots of Projects & Links to Important Museums

Art of the World
Art Projects-Russia You find links to Russian Icons, Fairy Tales, and Project Ideas (Make a Russian Lacquer Plate)

From other Great Moms:

Art Apprecation (The Charlotte Mason Way)

My own favorite Art History resource on the Web

The Kimbell Art Museum has a lovely web presence, you can view their collection and read the history of each painting.~Jube

Dr. Witcombe also has a link to Carol Jackson-Gerten's site which is magnificent in its scope, and in the quality of the scans. She has an interesting section re. the Crusades, as chronicled through art.

See Also the Museums Page