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Reasons to Believe
A great resource for all kinds of science activities, Christian based. This page leads to a discussion of Astronomy and God.

University of Michigan's Astronomy Site
This site is massive, over 5,000 pages, plus links. This is great for your middle/high school student. It is a complete astronomy/weather site. Has classroom activities and a notebook section. If you don't know this area of science, this site will teach you and your child.  From the University of Michigan.  Great pictures and a CD-Rom available for $7.95 with just the graphics on it. It is graphic intensive, so you need a newer computer (Pentium class) to view it with any speed. ~Jube

G A R Y W. K R O N K ' S C O M E T S & M E T E O R S H O W E R S
Lay outside in a reclining lawn chair with your feet pointing southward and look straight up. Do not look directly at the radiant, because meteors directly in front of you will not move much and fainter ones might be missed. Even if this event is over, there are other great items on this site ~Jube

The International Meteor Organization
For meteor shower calendar, check out Thanks! ~Tchiya

Earth and Sky  This is a radio show that can be heard on your realplayer, they have teacher resources and a kids' page.  It also you what's in the sky that night, and what direction to look for it etc. ~ Laura

An Overview of the Solar System from the University of Arizonia

Many resources are here from Nova. Originally written to accompany Nova's TV program by the same name, they nevertheless are more than suitable for use without the program. The Einstein timeline will provide a backdrop to the great physicist's achievements, but be sure to reach deeper by reading Genius Among Geniuses as well. Much is also available to help portray the Theory of Relativity, including a Time-Traveler game. ~psam

From the University of Ilinois, this site offers numerous lesson plans, resources, movies, and exhibits on the Theory of Relativity and black holes. ~psam

The target audience for this set of lessons and activities is middle to high school. Aligned with National Science Standards, this program allows students to explore various concepts associated with black holes, such as escape velocity and mass. This particular page provides the teacher's key and guides, with evaluation and assessment guides included. ~psam

How's this title for an exit line in this issue?! This popular site is back by demand-- from Dr. Jim Lochner, and sponsored by the Institute for Theoretical Physics at University of California, Santa Barbara. ~psam

Thought some of ya'll might be interested in this. It is an organization/ club called "Sidewalk Astronomers". Folks build a huge homemade telescope and go out and let folks look through it. ~Diane

A wealth of information from the observatory at Mauna Kea, Hawaii.  ~Beverly