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For those studying chemistry. I love stuff like this! You just go to this link and fill out the form. ~Kim  A quick note, this is about chlorine chemistry by the Chlorine Chemistry Council.

I have wanted to purchase this video series for a long time. We have checked out a few of them at the library but it is so hard to have them back on time. Does anyone have this series for sale? I am very interested in purchasing them.  ~Crystal  A quick note here, their stuff is available on satellite free to schools, and now on broadband computer, yes, you can get it right on your computer!!

Interactive Periodic Table of Elements ~psam

Bill Nye the Science Guy ~psam

Sheffield Chemputer - play with virtual chemicals ~psam  A quick note here, this actually does chemical calculations for you.  Great fun.

Buckyball page: ~psam

Make your own Buckyball: ~psam

Cluster Science Collaborations ~psam

Cool video: nanotube & buckyball! ~psam

All About nanotubes ~psam
Comic Book Chemistry: this page matches up elements from the periodic table with comic book