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As parents, you are the ones to decide what is appropriate for your child to read. They can learn from a variety of books and subjects. Based on your philosophy of teaching and worldview, it's up to you to give the final approval of what is appropriate for your family. We have included a wide variety of resources here because there is such variety among home schooling families. These resources have been checked by a home schooling parent, but you will need to decide about the final use of them in your home.

I have a colleague who has created a website about kids and reading... there is a section for homeschoolers, as well as for children, parents, and teachers... I told her I would pass the site along to you all.... give it a look.. it has some interesting things on it...~Tami

You want phonics rules? Boy! Have I got a webpage for you!! I found it while we were looking up phonics rules on the internet. I printed about 10 pages of rules!! There's also a "Learning to Read English with Phonics" help for teachers, four pages of substitute letters and substitute letter combinations, two pages of silent letters, and three pages of accent rules. Not only all that, but tons of links to other great resources to help you teach phonics. My hubby and I thought this site a real find!!! Hope this helps! ~ Ericka

Easy Path To Reading
Easy Path to Reading Phonics Reading and Teaching~

free phonics lesson plans ~psam

A Compact For Reading Guide
has 100's of activites for reading & writing K-3~psam

Eric Reading
parent tips for using phonics ~psam

Family Info Center
A review of the book Teach A Child to Read With Children's Books~psam

Printable colored phonics pages ~psam

Scholastic Teacher's Resource Center
Go down toward the bottom of the page and select Phonics and Decoding. A SUPER resource! ~psam

Alphabet with Billy Bear
cool game for beginning letter sounds and finding letters on the keyboard. ~psam

Word Flashcards ~Donna

A Pocketful of Rhymes
A collection of original, rhyming poems & stories promoting self-esteem & individuality in children all done through humor. ~Donna

Read to Write Project

Forms of Poetry for Children

Reading Competency Test
How well is your child reading? Print out The National Right to Read Foundation's Reading Competency Test and find out today.

Owl & Mouse Educational Software
Free down load of a game for beginning letter sounds.

All You Ever Wanted To Know About The Alphabet

Dolch Word Lists
The Dolch words are the 220 most frequently found words in books that children read. The lists are in order of frequency.  These lists are studied in first and second grade; children who learn these words have a good base for beginning reading. Many of these words cannot be sounded out because they do not follow decoding rules. These words must be learned as sight words.