Texas Home Educators 

Special Needs Kids

The best resource in Texas is Texas Special Kids.  Doug and Patsy have given their lives to this ministry to help parents transition their special needs kids into homeschooling.  There are also more and more support groups popping up in Texas for parents with special needs kids.
There has been a change in the rules on the federal level.  THSC has done a great job of explaining all of this on their Special Needs Page.  Do click the more in-depth link on the page for a pdf that explains the new rules.
The Special Needs page of Ann Zeise's site is a major resource as a starting place.
Here is a website that I found that is full of information to help teachers teach children w/ special needs. ~Kathy
Sacramento LDA - About Learning Disabilities ~DJ
The National Academy for Child Development, for instance, designs individualized home study programs for children with special learning needs. ~Susan
Marc's Special Ed. Page
It contains dozens of links to special Ed. sites, organizations and services for autism, blindness, epilepsy, hearing impaired, gifted, speech-language, and many other exceptionalities.
LD On-Line: Learning Disabilities Information & Resources ~DJ
Keirsey Temperament and Character Web Site ~Debbie
Check out the links page in particular for Asperger's syndrome ~Julie
The Voucher System
I did this formally years ago and now call it "working on a commission basis" They now have a special home school version that I haven't tried personally but have heard good things about and it's fairly cheap to try. ~Julie
(Just a note here. I'm aware that these two disorders are different, but they are often written about together, therefore they are together on this page for ease of use)
Attention Deficit Disorder: Born to Explore! The Other Side of ADD ~DJ
All the answers you need to help youth with ADD/ADHD ~DJ
CHADD Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Website
ADHD Special Needs Resources for Misunderstood Kids...Outside the Box! ~DJ
ADD - ADHD - Attention Deficit Disorder Magazine - Welcome To ADDitude The Happy Healthy ~DJ
Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired - given here as a resource for information, not a recommendation that you enroll.
Texas School for the Deaf - given here as a resource for information, not a recommendation that you enroll.
Listing of publications concerning the deaf community.
A major site with lots of links for answers to dealing with deafness.
The following seems to be a pretty good site for information on dyslexia. It also includes information on a phonics program for teaching reading to people affected by dyslexia. Additionally, it has some diagnostic tests for determining whether your child has dyslexia. ~Jill
The starting speaker was Charles Schwab, the financial guy, who has dyslexia, and still reads very slowly. His son also has dyslexia, and when these two parents tried to find information, it was hard to come by. So he founded the Schwab Foundation for Learning to help other parents learn the latest in information.
The Lifeline to the Net's Gifted Resources Index ~ELissa
Several white papers about Gifted and Talented kids from kindergarden to college admissions, including advice on gifted and talented with special needs. ~Jube
ED414683 97 Homeschooling Gifted Students: An Introductory Guide for Parents. ERIC Digest #543. ~ELissa
Web site for the ROEPER REVIEW, a journal on gifted education ~Don