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The Five Paragraph Essay
Provides suggestions on getting started, writing, editing, revising, evaluating, practicing, and prompting the essay. ~Donna

Homework's Done
(Reports and term papers)

Research Strategy
The following seven steps outline a simple and effective strategy for finding information for a research paper and documenting the sources you find. Good for high school students POETRY

Poetry Lessons For Teachers and Students
GOOD IDEAS to go with any language arts you use. Poetry Lessons for Teachers and Students Middle school age - Donna Godfrey Once Cavaet, it does have Poe poems, you can just not use that lesson if it offends.~Jube 

NewsHour Extra: Poetry
PBS's resouce of poetry, great graphics to begin with and good links for your high school student. ~Jube TYPING: 

Typing Tutor
If you don't have the money for Typing Tutor, here is an online version with a free download. Have not tried it ~Jube
Cool new writing exercises (for teachers, students, and writers) at WritingFix! These would be great for your Jr. High
students or High School student catching upHere are some of them:
Build Your Own Adventure:
Instant Plot Creator:
The Critical Recipe:
Oxymoron Maker:
The Daily Prompt Generator:

Complete Writing Plans from an ESL site.  Very simple and to the point.
Guide to Writing a Basic Essay
American Writers of the 20th Century from C-Span.  More of a study of writers, had video available.
A quick review of the Principles of the Research Paper